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Higher Education


TCF encourages children to pursue for higher education and believes that no child should ever be left behind in life due to his or her inability to avail opportunities that education offers. TCF Alumni Program TCF Alumni Fund…

Educating Girls, Empowering Women


47% of all male adults of age 15 years and above are illiterate whereas for females the percentage is as high as 72%.

Purpose-Built Schools


School buildings are equipped with airy and fully furnished classrooms, an administrative block, a play area, library, computer labs and science labs, an art room and all essential facilities to provide students with a stimulating learning environment.

All Female Faculty, Extensively Trained


TCF has an all-female faculty of 8,900 members. TCF also has a dedicated Teacher Training Center in Karachi and Mansehra for the ongoing training of its faculty and provides logistical support to all its teachers.

204,000 Children Enrolled, From the Poorest Homes


A balanced gender ratio; close to 50% female students.

Schools Embedded Inside Slums And Villages


Supporters of TCF in Canada make a major contribution towards the operating costs of existing schools, as well as the construction of new TCF Schools in Pakistan.

Your Zakat Can Send Them To School


Education has the power to transform lives. Regardless of the method, your donation is tax deductible in Canada. We will mail you a tax receipt so remember to provide your contact information as indicated with each option.

Audited By Ernst & Young LLP


The Board of Directors and staff of TCF-Canada are committed to financial transparency and accountability.

CRA Registered


Canada Revenue Agency Charitable Registration Number: 844142273RR0001. A charitable tax receipt is issued for all donations.