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A large-scale Education Program, with a growing network of schools, requires support in various capacities and large resources of funds.

The Education Program of TCF is funded entirely with donations and we request you to join us in our cause to fight illiteracy and help us bring hope and happiness to the children of Pakistan.

Please review below the present estimated costs (in Canadian dollar) of supporting and building TCF Campuses, as well as supporting and educating TCF Students.

Details Cost of Construction Support Total Students Teachers
Primary Unit [Grade 1-6] $232,258 $113,548 $345,806 180 8
Secondary Unit [Grade 7-10] $258,065 $113,548 $371,613 180 10
Support a school unit for a year $28,850 $28,850 180 8
Sponsor a classroom for a year $4,645 $4,645
Educate a Child (from Grade 1-10) $2,129 $2,129 
Educate a Child (for one year) $194 $194
Educate a Child (for one month) $16 $16

*** Building a School requires commitment to Support the Annual cost for 3 Years