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In Lyari, Pakistan, a young mother is abandoned by her husband, and left to take care of the children alone: she can no longer afford to keep them in school and her plans for her children’s future crumble in front of her eyes.

In Orangi Town, the largest slum in Asia, a young girl has nearly given up any hope that she might ever be anything but a slum-wanderer.

But there is hope for these children with your help. Your donation will provide them with access to education.


You Will Change Their Lives

TCF is dedicated to providing access to education for children in the slums and rural areas of Pakistan. Out of your donation, 98% will go straight to Pakistan to build and maintain schools, and provide children with high-quality education.

72% Of Women Over 15 Are Illiterate In Pakistan

We build a welcoming for young girls to be permitted to attend school by hiring qualified women teachers, in addition to providing education to 204,000 children, we are also the largest Private Sector Employer of Women.

You can choose if you want to sponsor an individual child or a classroom, donate supplies, or contribute to building schools. You will receive a personal thank you letter from the child or children that you help send to school, so you can get to know the incredible resilient child who’s life you have changed with your contribution.

Make A Lasting Difference In A Child’s Life

Donate Zakat

As you give your Zakat in this blessed month of Ramadan, please remember there is no better use of your Zakat
than to educate a child that can change her or his life for the better, and for his or her generations to come.

“I take great pride in my farming venture. I intend to grow my enterprise by investing in innovative technologies to enhance crop yield. I share these innovations with the other farmers in the community. “

Wajid Ali – TCF Alumni 2007 • Entrepreneur

“I want to open a birth center with the highest hygiene standards for mothers and babies in my community. I believe this will allow me to save many lives.”

Sumbal Sheikh – TCF Alumni 2012 • Training to be a certified midwife
Your donation is tax deductible in Canada.
The Canada Revenue Agency Charitable Registration Number is 844142273RR0001.