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TCF schools’ graduates, given their financial limitations, face considerable difficulties in availing higher education opportunities unlike their privileged counterparts. As part of our endeavor for a society where no student is left behind in the pursuit of education due to his or her inability to afford it, TCF Alumni Program was launched in March 2006.

TCF Alumni Fund offers financial assistance for higher education to students matriculating from TCF secondary schools. Additionally, the Program Coordinator also counsels these students on educational/professional decisions. Based on their academic performance in school, the students are awarded donor-funded scholarships. Their progress is kept track of and they are guided every step of the way from admissions, college entry tests to their choice of majors.

The first batch of TCF students passed their Matriculation exams (X Grade) in 2002-2003. To date over 2,900 students have appeared in Matric Exams between 2003 and 2010. Out of these, currently more than 1,000 students are enrolled in intermediate and bachelor programs in government run colleges and universities.

After successful completion of Matriculation and/or Intermediate, our students opt for jobs, short term trainings or pursue higher studies (some are currently enrolled in renowned institutes such as Bahria University, CBM, FAST, IBA, SMC and SZABIST). More than 1,600 students have been awarded scholarships to pursue further education.

How are the students selected for scholarships?

Applicants for scholarships provide the necessary details to the Alumni Department, which then reviews their academic performance at school with the help of teachers and school principals. Each student’s case is individually approved by the scholarship committee, comprising the Head of Education, Head of Human Resource and Vice President on the recommendation of the Alumni Manager. Scholarships are offered to HSC and Graduate level students who are currently studying in colleges or universities.

Setting up a Scholarship Fund

As of 2010, there is an average annual expenditure of around Rs.8,500/- per student studying in any government-run intermediate college (higher secondary school with classes 11th and 12th), which includes admission and tuition fee, miscellaneous expenses and examination fee. This can be donated as a one-time expense.

However, for professional colleges/universities and vocational training institutes the cost per student varies from college to college, and is also dependent on the students’ choice of academic course and duration of the studies (such as Medical School versus Bachelors in Arts). Donors have the option of setting up Endowment Funds, or paying through installments in order for the student to continue through university.

To set up a scholarship fund with TCF Alumni Program, please contact Aziz Rakla at 1-905-607-2666 or toll free at 1-888-467-2552 or send him an e-mail at tcfcan@hotmail.com