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TCF Difference


TCF’s unique operating model, comprising of several key elements, has proved crucial to it’s success. These elements include purpose built campuses, careful location of schools within walking distance of target population, all-female faculty, transport for teachers, emphasis on constant teacher training, strong supervision of performance and accountability, low overheads, financial transparency, and a single-minded focus on our core mission to educate the underprivileged children of Pakistan. Other factors behind TCF’s success are:

  • Education for the masses – All our schools are located in urban slums and rural areas of Pakistan. These are areas characterized by extreme poverty, where people neither have the means nor access to quality education.
  • National presence – We are present in 83 different locations nationally, with enrollment of 102,000 students
  • Mission – Quality Education, Better Future through the power of quality education enabling moral, spiritual, and intellectual enlightenment. Creating opportunities to improve quality of life.
  • Professional management – We are one of the few non-profit organizations in Pakistan that are professionally managed by a team of highly dedicated managers and staff employed on a full-time basis.
  • High level of governance – We have been assigned a non-profit organization governance rating of GR8+ by JCR-VIS Credit Rating Co Ltd. These ratings are based on a scale ranging from GR-1 (lowest) to GR-10 (highest). The assigned rating denotes a high level of governance in TCF.
  • Certified by Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy – We have been certified by the PCP after a detailed desk review, field evaluation and approved by their Certification Panel. Certification by PCP is a seal for organizations that exhibit exemplary standards in organizational effectiveness. TCF is amongst the highest scoring organisations certified by PCP to date.
  • Purpose built schools – Our schools are designed by reputed firms of architects and are complete with a library, art room and all essential facilities such as water, electricity, toilets, play area, furniture etc.
  • Scholarships & assistance – Scholarship upto 95% may be provided to all needy students, resulting in many students paying as little Rs 10 per month. Books and uniforms are heavily subsidized and provided at easy installments.
  • Co-education system with a balanced gender ratio – Female student representation in our schools in most cases is 50%.
  • Comprehensive & dynamic curriculum – Although our schools follow a curriculum in line with the officially prescribed syllabus by the board of their respective region, it is suitably modified and regularly updated to meet the demands of modern-day education. This is done to ensure that students in TCF schools receive the most up-to-date education available.
  • Regular quality assessment – TCF Education Program is regularly evaluated through periodic inspections and assessments to ensure that the quality of education delivery is up to TCF prescribed high standards.
  • Trained teachers an a dedicated teacher training centre – Education in our schools is imparted through formally trained teachers, hired strictly on merit basis. TCF organizes an extensive Pre-Service Training (PRESET) for its new staff every year. This training is spread over 100 hours of various modules dealing with child psychology, learning styles, assessment methods and child-centered teaching strategies. Apart from PRESET, rigorous In-Service Training (INSET) is conducted every summer to keep our existing faculty abreast with new trends and pedagogy in teaching.
  • Complete education under one system – Our students have the opportunity to obtain complete primary and secondary education (up to Grade X) under one schooling system, thereby giving them consistency in environment as well as the quality of education.
  • No discrimination – Our education program is open to all persons and communities, regardless of their race, color, creed, religion or location.
  • The education panacea – Through education, TCF aims to transform children’s lives in many distinct ways, better health care, family planning, and a tolerant and positive attitude towards society.
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